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Compucare develops simple, yet powerful applications implementing all the required processes and applying clients logo, branding and colors using the latest development tools.

We have study many companies HR System, and based on that our team has developed HR related applications, which really beneficial to every HR department to reduce their work 90%. We have developed.

Our Solutions

Web based HR Planet Software


HR PLANET, web-based time management software allows the Managers to view their own timesheet, a particular staff member's timesheet, or the timesheet for the entire company via the internet. This gives managers the advantage of being out of town but still being able to see the streamlined activity in the office.

HR Planet "Get Access Of Your Data From Anywhere No Matter Where You Are…!"

Key Modules
Leave Application & Approval
Recruitment Management
Over Time Application & Approval
C-Off Application & Approval
MIS Punch Application & Approval
W-Off/ Shift Change Application & Approval

Key Features
24/7 fully hosted web application
Employee Information Management
Performance Management
In Out Punch online
Email Notification
Leave Records
Real time Graphical reports
Daily Resource tasks
Daily Reports, Monthly reports, Yearly reports

Key Benefits
Employees are able to check in and out online
System may be configured for each individual’s working hours and overtime arrangement
Able to provide periodic summary reports to show total hours worked and total OT
Detailed report to show the hours worked by each employee
Applicant and Approving Officer can see complete leave records and approval history respectively
Paperless work
Trouble-free leave management

Time Office Software


Time is our Business and Time Management is a Skill that results in the most Effective use of a Employee’s Time. Get organized take control of your time. Compucare Time Office System is a Computer Software that will allow Easy and Efficient control of Attendance and Punctuality of all Employees in Company. Computer Based Finger Print Time Clock.

Compucare supports various Time events mechanisms like In/Out, Break Times, Inter Site Travels and Off Site Work. Time Office consists of Manpower Planning, Leave Management, Shift Management, Overtime Management and Reporting Tool. This Biometric System has helped us streamline Attendance System across all of our plants and reduced the cost while bringing in more transparency.

HR Planet "Various 62 Types Of reports available in excel, word and text format"

Key Modules
Attendance Calculation
Leave Application
Over Time Application
C-Off Application
MIS Punch Application
W-Off/ Shift Change Application

Key Features
User friendly appearance
Allows Administrator to view and modify database
Provide Multi-Location system
Flexible Shift Timing can be defined
Trouble-free adjustments for week off
Easy Data processing with less time
Daily Reports, Monthly reports, Yearly reports
Over Time Policy Setup
MIS Punch Correction Facility
Auto Shift and Rotational Shift Facility
User wise Policy Setup

Key Benefits
Reduces Payroll Processing Cost
Time-saving approval process
Reduces time needed to calculate and process Payroll
Reduces Time needed to verify Attendance data
Reduces Time needed to verify Attendance data
Save time which can be wasted in mistakes in calculating work hours and other human errors
Helps in company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments

Visitor Management Software


Compucare Security is specially designed to keep track of visitors coming and going out of the premises and Controlling, Monitoring and Authorizing Visitors in the company. Allows Fingerprint Access and Photograph Capturing, added Photo ID capability, Database searching, auto forwarding of authorization request in absence of visited, auto-login facility for the users, gate pass printing with visitors photograph, current visitors list, out-time posting, visitor history etc.

HR Planet "Available with Appointment facility with Visitor Photo Scrolling "

Key Modules
Gate Pass Facility
Appointment Facility
Photo Scrolling
Various Reports
Material Inward/Outward

Key Features
Capture personal information
Select person to be visited
Record of Visitor info. With photograph
Automatically prints a professional pass with company name , logo, Visitor photograph
Record of entry and exit time
Updates visitor statistics
Identifies visitor and lists out previous visit details
Returnable Gate Pass
Tracking Visitors

Key Benefits
Value to security system
Easily records visitor details and track their log data.
With automatic detection function, system can retrieve a specific date or time of each visit
Visitor’s data contains visitor name, company name, reason for visit, visiting dept.etc
Easily maintain history of visitor
Block visitor facility

Payroll Management Software


While most businesses recognize the need and importance of using a professional Payroll Software to manage the company's payroll, Compucare provides the facility of Payroll Software. Payroll Software is Application Software of Compucare Time Office. Payroll Software automatically generates reports after capturing data from Compucare Time Office Software.

Compucare Payroll software has this unique ability to work for the smallest organization as well as for the large enterprise. It does this with simplicity and user-friendly way so that you don't get drowned in complicated menus or screens. It scales as your business grows.

HR Planet "Get Business Intelligence With MIS Reports…!"

Key Modules
Salary Calculation
Over Time Calculation
Gratuity/Bonus Calculation
Loan/Advance Facility
Customize Earning & deduction
Dynamic Formula creation
Tax Calculation

Key Benefits
Reduces Payroll Processing Cost.
Reduces time needed to calculate and process Payroll.
With automatic detection function, system can retrieve a specific date or time of each visit
No Human Error
Helps in company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments.

Vehicle Access Control Software


Vehicle tracking system, designed to track and manage vehicles in gates areas communities, as well as easy in-and-out for drivers, without human interference. And identifying a particular Vehicle during In/Out.

HR Planet "Tracks An Unlimited Number Of Vehicles With Complete Details Of Vehicle…!"

Key Benefits
Improved security by enforced gates areas access
Increased control through regulated entry
Maintaining the Inventory and History for a Vehicle.
Fully automated system to identify Vehicle in and out.
Tracks an unlimited number of vehicles with complete details of Vehicle.
Secure, efficient and accurate in identification of vehicle.
Automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enters or exit.
Data can be captured even vehicle is on the move.
Detailed data exporting tools included using Microsoft Excel.
User friendly Report Generator
Reduced labor. Eliminate data entry
Greater transaction accuracy
Allows for real time monitoring of turnaround times
Higher security

Head Counting Software


In head count software is used to know how many employee’s are there in your premises at any point of time.

It helps to take precautionary steps at the time of emergency. This software also can be used to know how much strength you have at particular time at particular location. There are other features like you can give greetings on the screen and news related to company.

HR Planet "Easily Employee Verification at your security gate...!"

Key Benefits
Easily integrated with our time attendance system
Easily tracking of employee inside the premises
Direct Report Department wise
No Need to process data
Online Data downloading

Canteen Management Software


Compucare gives the facility of Canteen Card reader Management. The usage of the canteen by the employees seen in report. This system is also compatible in an environment where multiple caterers operate in a closed environment or at multiple locations.

HR Planet "Now No More Food Coupons…! "

Key Features
Multiple Items selection
Manual entry option available
Different types of summary report
Easy data processing

Key Benefits
No food coupons
No Calculation error
No human interface
No Need to process data
Easy & accurate calculation

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Client Speak

Gulbrandsen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We would like to issue this letter as a token of appreciation to M/s. Compucare, Baroda for the implementation of our surveillance system at Jhagadia plant. We are pleased with the after sales support and prompt service provided by M/s. Compucare whenever needed. We have been dealing with M/s. Compucare, Baroda since 2005.

~Mr. Hursh Tanna (Sr. Manager - IT)

KRIBHCO (Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd.)

We hereby certify that M/s.Compucare have supplied us time monitoring system consisting of 50 fingerprint readers. The time monitoring system was implemented timely by them and is working very satisfactorily since commissioning. Our payroll of about 1500 employee is based in this monitoring system. Also, we have found M/s.Compucare very competent in pre-order technical discussion, detail engineering, installation & commissioning and out of scope issue. The annual maintenance contract for time monitoring system is also given to M/s.Compucare.

~Mr. B. R. Patel

@home Nilkamal Ltd.

We have been working with M/s.Compucare-Baroda since Feb-2010. They have provided us Biometrics Finger print devices for Payroll automation and CCTV complete solutions for electronic surveillance of all our locations. We are very happy with their performance in term of product quality, delivery and in tie support. The investment on the projects have started paying back in terms of productivity and security to organization

~Mr. Abdulla Fatiya (General Manager IT)

L&T Howden Pvt. Ltd

We are really happy to choose a Vendor like your organization.

~Mr.Bipin Prajapati

R.D. Engineer Associates Pvt. Ltd.

We have purchased "Compucare attendance monitoring system" a year ago from Compucare. We take this opportunity to inform that we are very much satisfied with its performance. After sales service rendered by them is excellent. We hope they shall continue to provide regular services to their customer.

~Mr.Francis Barboza (Manager, Personnel & Administration)

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